CataLead comprises 30+ unique individual and team courses, developed from 20+ years in leadership into 1 of a kind program, to impact the next generation of Africa’s leaders

NAIROBI, Kenya, 21st January, 2022… The CataLead, a leadership consultancy committed to inspiring and catalyzing Africa’s leaders, today launched their one-of-a-kind leadership development program in a bid to increase the number of high-impact leaders in the continent.

The program, which is the brainchild of Dr. David Oginde (Bishop Emeritus of CITAM), has been uniquely designed to address challenges that African leaders face as they navigate systemic challenges.

Speaking at the Launch event, Dr. David Oginde said, “Africa’s ability to harness its potential lies in the hands of high impact leaders. I developed this program after realizing that even though leaders have the desire to provide good leadership, they do not always have the training or tools to do so.”

“CataLead seeks to demonstrate credible leadership in action and inspire a generation of authentic men and women with a holistic approach to leadership; be it for individuals looking to grow in their leadership, teams looking to improve synergy and collaboration, or organizations needing to increase their impact.”

The event which was attended by Senior Business leaders and CEOs of large blue-chip organizations in public and private sector, discussed what it means to recalibrate leadership in disruptive times with the recent global crisis as a backdrop for the conversation.

Mr Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom Plc congratulated Bishop Dr. David Oginde and The CataLead Associates for capitalizing on the region’s first fully locally-developed and contextually appropriate leadership content that is targeted at individuals, team leaders and organizational leaders.

He said, “The pursuit of social and economic transformation requires extraordinary leadership that results in high productivity. This is a necessary ingredient in providing a sustainable path that links economic growth, social justice and environmental stewardship through leadership.”

Carole Kariuki, CEO of the Kenya Private Sector Association (KEPSA) shared her business leadership experiences as a panelist during the launch.

Discussing how leaders navigate and stay steady through a crisis and in turbulent times, Ms. Kariuki cited examples from 2007 Post Election Violence and the recent Covid19 global Pandemic and how she had to inspire and catalyze KEPSA members to help inch the economy forward even when there were no solid solutions.

“In times of crisis, I saw businesses survive when leaders put people before profits, provided direction, followed their instinct but also listened to feedback.”

“Leadership is constantly evolving and individuals who seek to lead well must challenge themselves to grow from positional leadership to High Impact leadership,” added Dr. Oginde.

A home-grown solution, The CataLead program is committed to bridging the current leadership gap on the Continent by recalibrating leadership. This involves shifting the paradigm in leadership practice to provide leadership courses, coaching and consultancy that is both relevant and practical.

CataLead flagship products include The High Impact Leadership series features over 20 modules curated to meet leadership needs with an extensive range of unique and practical tools for individuals, teams, and organisations.